Psynaps OBS Cloud Streaming Server

Subscription Starts from $144.00 for the first 1 month Then $94.00 for each 1 month


Psynaps Cloud Streaming Server

This is the ORIGINAL and only Cloud OBS Stream Server system used by top tier IRL Backpack/lifestyle streamers for a production quality live stream. Contact Psynaps anytime for more information about a customized system for your stream!

  • Includes a powerful Cloud OBS Stream Server that is dedicated to your IRL stream.
  • Includes pre-configured stream system, ready for your backpack RTMP feed.
  • Includes anti-RIP technology (patent pending) that prevents your stream from going offline.
  • Login to your Stream Server with full remote control of the server and streaming software.
  • Bring your own custom videos/overlays for the BRB screen. Setup Server initially, and fully controlled via web thereafter.
  • Server designed, configured, and tested for smooth 720p60 IRL streams. Higher resolutions are possible.
  • Includes a personal pre-configured RTMP ingest server with customized stream URLs and unique IPs for your stream only.
  • Includes a Web Control Dashboard for remote control. Start/Stop stream, and switch scenes using any browser (it’s like a streamdeck from your phone).
  • Change your stream key and browser overlay from the Web Control Panel (great for multiple users).
  • “Bitrate Detection” system to detect low-bitrates and data drops.
  • “Auto Scene Switch” (often called “Auto BRB”) when low bitrates are detected. When bitrate returns, scene switches back to your IRL video source.
  • “Dropped Frame” detection to recover from bad packets and dropped frames due to changing wireless conditions outdoors.
  • Your stream URLs and all info will be sent to you upon server setup.
  • Your server always has a unique public IP, shared with no one else.
  • Will work with any RTMP based platform (including Twitch and YouTube).
  • Will work with any RTMP capable mobile device (including LiveU, IRL Backpack, or mobile phone)
  • Optional Addon: Top Clips Player. Play your top clips on your BRB screen.
  • Optional Addon: Chat Bot. Control your IRL stream using the chat, and get critical feedback on bitrates and scene changes.
  • Contact Psynaps for more info!

About the Stream System

This is the Psynaps Cloud OBS Streaming Server system currently used with the Gunrun IRL Backpack and UnlimitedIRL systems, which use LiveU bonding technology along with the anti-RIP technology to provide the highest quality IRL streams in Twitch history. Keep your overlays, prevent stream drops (RIPs), and remote control your stream from anywhere. Although the IRL backpack provides the highest quality and most reliable IRL stream, any RTMP capable mobile device can be used (such as your phone). This system includes support and is actively developed with new features and addons. 

Current and past Super Stream System users are JakenbakeLIVE, Rekful, Andy Milonakis, OfflineTV, Pokimane, Fedmyster, Sleightlymusical, sodapoppin, nmplol, greekgodx, esfandtv, RajjPatel, therealshookon3, tokyo, nl_kripp, yoda, th3d4rkness, retrogaijin, mitchjones, and so many more!


Gunrun IRL Server

This is the 720p60 setup used by the top IRL streamers (such as Jake, Andy, all the Gunrun Backpacks, and so many more).
It features an 8-core server for that 720p60 IRL footage smoothness.
$185/month + $49 One-time Setup Fee

Standard IRL Server

It features an 6-core server which can handle 720p60 IRL footage.
$125/month + $49 One-time Setup Fee

Light IRL Server

It features an 4-core server which can handle 720p30 IRL footage.
$94/month + $49 One-time Setup Fee

LTE Mobile Data Plans

You can also also purchase a Psynaps Streaming Server System with your data plan at

What the system includes

The system includes the features listed above. Other customization and setup is available and may include additional fees. Other server configurations and prices also available upon request. Contact me to design a system for your stream. This system is also known as the “Super Stream System”.



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